About Us

Your World. Your Stage.

Arkitektology, LLC was born from the passion for creating harmonious virtual spaces to spark the interest of Real Estate prospective buyers through proven Architectural and Real Estate experience. We know how to make a property appealing for a fast sale. Virtual Staging is hassle-free, perfect to successfully market your listings through minimal time and investment.

Our goal

Arkitektology goal is to create an emotional connection with potential buyers, helping them visualize their future home and lifestyle. We go beyond decorating your space to make it marketable! Focus on your business growth, and let us take care of the looks and image!


Our founder and Director, Arianna Balestrini, has spent most of her life far from her roots. She was born in Rome and raised in South America where she received her Architect degree. Her design skills, sense of space and aesthetics led her to explore the virtual world of staging, becoming one of the pioneers in focusing it towards the real estate area as a sales tool.